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- About Me -

My professional life as a financial director is dominated by rationality. Nevertheless, I always felt there is a part of my mental activity which dominates the human creativity.

It's a controversial topic, what is more important: the attractive appearance or the trusted internal content? In my opinion, the ideal combination is when valuable content can be visible to those who we want to address.

My interest in fashion began when I was a teenager, that time I had a specific idea of which clothes I wanted to wear the next day, obviously carefully selected to the harmonizing accessories. Later on, my friends regularly asked for help to purchase clothes for them, and cosmetics products. A french language article about a relooking gave me the idea to start seriously working in the field of personal styling.

After we redesign one of my client's appearance, he asked me to make proposals of lifestyle advices, my first life coaching completed successfully. It has inspired me, in addition to the personal styling, to found the mission of my life in which I can be fulfilled and compensate my financial rationality.

I believe to establish a happy life, the essential is the internal balance, which we can create for ourselves with the help of life coaching's and SuperConscious Self-Coaching’s TM techniques.

After the Mind Control course of Dr. Domján László and the Success Code course of Szalay Ádám the life twisted me to Carla Galli whose coaching skills, positive view of life and her habit has become an example me to follow. I gained professional life coaching competences by her training.

Carla Galli is a peak of personal development, author of several bestsellers, which helped to recognize of the human energy of possession. We owe her large-scale career the introduction of the methods of Natural Medicine and Coaching NLP in Hungary.

Erika Laszlo’s Super Conscious Self-Coaching TM training gave me a technique which brings the fears and blocks in the subconscious to the surface and transforms them.

- Certificate -

Lifecoaching oklevél

Lifecoaching oklevél

- References -

"My life has considerably changed a lot since we started working on my personal development employing the SSC coaching method. After attending your meetings I slowly came to realize that I was able to easily make significant decisions that I feared to do before. Moreover, I did make a milestone to leave my comfort zone and experience new aspects of life. As results of our work I could terminate a painful sticky-relationship that I had been suffering from for around seven years. I became much more tolerable and flexible in frustrating situations that, for instance, I could not easily cope with earlier and really made me headache. My personal improvements released a positive chain reaction in my family: we developed stronger ties in general; my father suddenly found and already started his dream job with a great deal of enthusiasm. I do thank you for your help and I am really grateful for the positive changes and chances you brought to my life. Hereby I take the opportunity to recommend Petra’s coaching to those who are open for experiencing a new life that everyone has ever dreamed of. Cheers! "

Vivi N.

"Here I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your recent help. With your SSC technique you launched me on a prosperous and new way of life. You showed me that my earlier decisions were correct, however, they were constantly interfered with uncertain thoughts and feelings of mine. Your coaching helped me to recapture and strengthen my self-esteem, I started to believe in myself and my family, and above all I do not fear and hesitate to get involved in new situations and challenges. Alongside my excellent health condition my private life took a surprising-positive turn. My partner seemed to stand by me after experiencing tough times together. He changed his job so that he could spend more time on our family, which is a tremendous help after raising my child alone for seven years. Now we are moving to a new and more comfortable home. Thus, I do recommend Petra to you as her coaching technique and entire personality are an unbelievable help to pave the way for your self-knowledge."

Thanks! Erika

"Dear Petra, Thanks very much for your help in dissolving my obstacles and problems that had hindered me form getting my desired job, now I got it."

Kati M.

Hey Petra,

Now I am writing you a couple of sentences as my life has just taken a fortunate turn, and I am really convinced that your coaching has a significant impact on this positive change.

I have constantly experience improvements and advancements in my financial and professional life. However, the reason why I asked for your help was actually my private life. As a first step I registered and became a member of a partnership-forum. The start of the process proved to be quite disappointing, but after getting acquainted with the appropriate use of a partnership forum the things gradually became better and better. If you have enough persistence and determination you could face very pleasant experiences and also attain your final target. To get this you should definitely leave your crampy complexes behind, as you advised me. After two unsuccessful attempts I met a lovely girl this month. The friendship started very smoothly and I do feel that she also wants to have a serious relationship with me. For instance, our first date was filled with a lovely conversation and lasted until the small hours. Since we extremely enjoy our thrilling company we have planned many programs and outings together as if we had known each other for ages. Now I am in the hope of a wonderful future with her.

Additionally, I wish to thank you for your pieces of advice regarding my clothing. You as a stylist gave me a good direction how to properly dress up in accordance with certain occasions. Your “dress code” considerably boosted my self-esteem and this was perfectly verified by our first date with her. So, I would say we shouldn’t begrudge the time on demanding and long shopping tours to find our desired pieces. It is worth it!

Thus, I really thank you again for your time and energy you spent on my development. Now I am sure that my dreams will come true very soon.

Szilárd K.

"One of the services, refreshing the wardrobe showed that a large part of the clothes occupied unnecessarily large space, it disturbed the optimal selection of the clothes. Therefore, my wardrobe has become more arranged and transparent.

The other service, the shopping trip made the selection of the most important clothes and accessories faster and more efficient.

The result is a stylish, confident comfortable appearance the all areas of the life."

Balázs, 35 év

"Petra undertook the job with great enthusiasm and competence, the result is we have created a wardrobe, what matching my individuality better.

I got rid of the bad outfits and I got new ones within a set financial limit.

Petra could give me maximum help, because she felt what I needed exactly! :-) "

Tamás, 49 év